Most of my life, I lived with two very destructive judgments: a sense of being unworthy and poverty consciousness. Wow! What a potent combo
they were. They limited what I was willing to receive from an abundant universe because I refused to receive me. Bottom line…I could not
receive the joy of living. Do you resonate with my dilemma? While many modalities, self-development and therapy offered some
benefits, I always knew more was possible. Are you too looking for more? What was the missing element? It was just the awareness that all the judgments I believed about me were lies that I had bought energetically from others.  Have you also bought lies about who you are that are not true? It was the tools and processes of Access Consciousness® that brought me to this realization. 

We are each infinite beings with radiance and greatness. But we spend enormous amounts of energy suppressing, denying and hiding our greatness. My liberation and openness came from the potency of question, from my willingness to question everything. Life changed dramatically when my questions challenged the lies. They melted away in the face of questioning. Happiness blossomed and life took on a sense of peace and ease that I had never known.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness®, I now have an awareness of who I am. It is undefinable but the closest I can describe it is an infinite
being existing beyond the confines and limitations of this reality. It is freeing me form the matrix of this reality and other people’s points of view. It is beyond any identities I define as me and gives me a freedom I had never known.

Eventually, I became a certified Access Consciousness® facilitator and use the tools of Access and my experience to empower others to be, have and choose more and create a future they really desire. Access Consciousness® tools are designed to empower each person to know what they know and to change what is not working in their life.

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