What is the Energetic Facelift™?

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Is it possible to feel and look younger WITHOUT injecting botulism, acupuncture needles or creating other trauma to your body?

The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift™ is an amazing process which can reverse the appearance of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body. If done repeatedly ( at least 20 times) it appears to be permanent.

The Energetic Facelift™ differs from other alternatives out there in that it's gentler, kinder and easier on you and your body. You will experience how we use energies to lift and rejuvenate your whole body through the use of soft, comforting, soothing touch and nurturing on your face and neck.


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  • This session is between 60-90 minutes.

  • Look and feel younger WITHOUT any pain or effort. 

  • NO botulism, NO acupuncture needles, NO creams and NO 'Magical Potions'.