"John has a magic capacity to give you the message your body is trying to give you"

- Cory Michelle, Creator of Crazy Possible Experiments

Dr John's Story

Most of my life, I lived with two very destructive judgments: a sense of being unworthy and poverty consciousness. Wow! What a potent combo they were. They limited what I was willing to receive from an abundant universe because I refused to receive me. Bottom line…I could not receive the joy of living...

To find out about how Dr John turned his life around.

"Sigrid immediately discovered my core issues and was able to quickly clear them with Access tools. "

                                                  - Antje Koolen, Biodanza Trainer

Siggi's Story

I was the ‘black sheep’ in a family where most everything in my life including my body seemed to be a judgable offence. In order to reclaim my life I became a psychotherapist, a family and sex therapist. But nothing really changed. In search of me I explored many different modalities with no lasting benefits. I was still suffering, feeling wrong, tense, unhappy and worthless...

To find out how Siggi became eternally joyful & happy.